New Glide Version for Android Wear 2.0

New Glide Version for Android Wear 2.0

Greetings, Gliders!

Today, Google announced their release of a brand new OS for Android watches – Wear 2.0. Congrats, Android Wear!

We are proud to launch a new version of Glide for Wear to support the new OS. This update makes Glide on Android Wear a better, faster and smoother experience. With the complications introduced, you can now get live video messages directly to your watch face. This means that you can tap and talk directly from your homescreen, without having to launch the Glide app beforehand. This brings unparalleled speed and immediacy to wrist-based messaging, allowing the conversation to start, pause, and continue in a more natural way.

We hope you enjoy the new version and, as always, invite you to join our Glide for Android Beta Program to be able to review early mobile versions, give your feedback, and help make Glide even better.

Glide on!

Introducing Google Firebase App Indexing on Glide

Introducing Google Firebase App Indexing on Glide

The Google app for Android enables users to search their phone for content. Searching for a contact, for example, will provide you with their contact information, Gmail correspondence, calendar events etc. With the updated Android API for Firebase App Indexing, users of integrated apps will be able to search for information within their favorite apps.

Glide has collaborated with Google to be one of the first to offer this new exciting feature.

With Glide integration with the new In Apps mode in the Google app, which debuted recently and announced on Google’s blog, Glide users can now search their phone and find Glide contacts and conversations, seamlessly.

In the examples below, you see “Summer vacation” searched on Google. Glide conversations containing these keywords are presented. When the contact “Rachel Smith” is searched, Google presents Glide chats with this person.



Update your Google app and your Glide version to take advantage of this convenient homescreen access to Glide contacts and conversations without having to open the app first.

Happy Gliding!

Dear Freshman Class of 2020: Stop Texting Your Parents

Dear Freshman Class of 2020: Stop Texting Your Parents

By Adam Korbl, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Glide


Life is about to change.

It’s hard to prepare for the moment you suddenly become an adult and yet, here it is, knocking you over the head with a giant shovel. You’ll be living miles from home, learning new things and discovering that feeding yourself is a much bigger endeavor than you had ever imagined. Most importantly, you’re going to find it challenging to stay close with the people you care about back home.

But that doesn’t have to change.

You might be tempted to try and maintain your relationships simply through texting. But while today’s messaging apps may transport your sentences hundreds of miles in a matter of seconds through the magic of the internet, they simply won’t make you feel connected to everyone you left behind. A couple of unpunctuated sentences and scattered emojis won’t really be enough to close the gap of that distance you’ll inevitably feel.

Not convinced? We have the science to back it up. A University of Michigan study found a 40 percent decline in empathy and the ability to relate to others among college students after the year 2000, when texting became our go-to method of communication. It’s also been demonstrated that emotional connectedness is particularly relevant during the social development of college-aged students. With text-only communication offering the least amount of connectedness during conversations, video conversation brings the intimacy back to digital communication, enabling the genuine connection that we need to strengthen our most cherished relationships. Plain and simple, it’s the next best thing to being there.


So when you head out into the big, bad world soon and are about to text your mom about your crazy professor or ask how to un-pink all your clothes after a bad load of laundry, consider sending a video message instead. Sure, texting is easy, but it doesn’t quite capture everything you’re trying to say or bridge the distance between you and the folks you care about back home. And as it turns out, video messaging is even faster than texting, since you don’t even have to type.

You’ll discover there’s a world of difference between getting text updates from high school friends and actually seeing their new roommates (There is no way they’re going to put up with her mess). You might not be able to sit at the dinner table with your family and tell them about your day, but with video, you can see them react with laughter (or shock) to your stories. You might not spend your evenings watching your favorite TV shows with old friends, but you can continue the tradition by exchanging genuine reactions about that unbelievable plot twist (Jon Snow!!!).


So good luck and remember – staying in touch is worth it.


An AI future where voice and video trump words

An AI future where voice and video trump words

SAN FRANCISCO – Typing is so … 20th century. And soon texting is likely to join it in that same communication dustbin.

That’s a view Ari Roisman, CEO and cofounder of video messaging app Glide, shares with some of the titans of tech ranging from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“We’re at the beginning of a new era of human computer interaction,” says Roisman during a podcast Friday with USA TODAY. Click here for the full article.

Welcome to a ‘One-Screen-Doesn’t-Fit-All’ World

Welcome to a ‘One-Screen-Doesn’t-Fit-All’ World

The days of the ‘standard size’ smartphone are behind us. Apple’s iPhone SE will not be the last time we see a device manufacturer offer a smaller screen size to accommodate changing consumer behavior. The trendsetting device manufacturer has also made a clear indication that increased adoption of the Apple Watch is a priority. Be it on a wearable device, a smartphone, or a tablet, today’s consumer wants a seamless mobile experience that fits his or her individual lifestyle. For the full article Click Here.

Startup’s Guide to TechCrunch Disrupt NY

Startup’s Guide to TechCrunch Disrupt NY

by Jonathan Caras, COO and co-founder of Glide and a TechCrunch Disrupt NY alumnus


It’s the eve of TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 and you are about to walk down the tech industry’s red carpet, which is filled with investors, influencers, potential partners and media. It’s a special moment in time and you want to get it right. I was in this position exactly three years ago. Not only did I walk down the carpet, but I was also an award winner, capturing the Audience Choice Award and becoming a Startup Battlefield contestant and then finalist, competing for the Disrupt Cup. My co-founders and I found a way to shine amidst the chaos and clearly did a lot of things right. In retrospect, there are a few things we learned and might have done differently. Here are some cases in point:

Play to win

You need to go to Disrupt with a clear goal and confidence in your ability to succeed that borders on indulgence. Our goal was to get accepted to the Disrupt Battlefield. You need to make sure you work backwards from this goal and prepare for each step of the way. If you don’t map out the steps to go all the way, you won’t. We fell into this trap. We prepared for our initial moment in the spotlight and had a plan that would help us win the Audience Choice Award, but when we advanced and became a finalist in the Startup Battlefield, we were wholly unprepared to present on-stage. While the companies that knew they were competing had weeks to prepare, we were told about 30 minutes in advance. Our team was back in Jerusalem, while we were in NYC, so we had to wake our team back home to scramble at 1 AM to prepare our presentation and it showed in how we managed the stage and questions from the panel of judges. We simply could have done better. Believe in your ability to win, do the correct prep work and you are more likely to keep winning.

Prepare your SWOT

Your company’s SWOT is the crux of the TechCrunch Disrupt opportunity. It’s what the judges will grill you on. Be prepared to showcase your understanding of your competitive landscape, the trends, the threats and your company’s unique value proposition. Doing this in advance will help you understand the unique strengths to emphasize, prepare for the perceived holes in your story, keep you aligned with the trends in the market and provide a roadmap for building alliances while on the ground. Even if you don’t get invited to present on stage, having this knowledge converted into prepared sound bites will help with everyone you meet at the event.

Make yourself memorable

Whether it’s in your conversations, at your booth, in person or on stage, make those unique qualities shine. Forget the swag and stickers. Don’t depend on making connections through handing out business cards. If you want to connect with someone, get their contact info, and follow up while they still remember you. Be colorful. There is a lot of noise and you need to break through. Focus on finding the personal connections between people versus looking at the business opportunities. People will remember you better if they have made a connection with you about your love of animé, portobella mushrooms, comics or sci-fi, instead of simply hearing your product pitch among hundreds of others.

Pace yourself

Trying to emerge from the pack and showcase your winning plan can be grueling. I lost my voice at the end of the first day. Make sure you have the right people from your team and the right independent visuals to best tell your story. In a perfect world, I’d recommend at least 2 people – your CEO to manage deal flow, and a marketing head to manage media and influencers. If budget is not on your side and you are flying solo, plan to have a video playing on a monitor that can explain the value proposition independently to someone who stops by while you are talking to others. Oh, and make sure, your video can communicate your message without sound, since it’s already incredibly noisy in Startup Alley.

Launch at Disrupt?

While this is definitely an appealing idea and can be successful, think hard about where you are in development and with your media strategy and consider the audience. Launching might make sense if you have already developed a strategic media plan and the product is far enough along, but if you haven’t and it isn’t, you might consider this a better time for lead generation, something you can nurture by making yourself memorable and setting yourself up for a better launch down the road. If you are launching a mainstream consumer product, you might want to consider the early adopter audience you are talking to at Disrupt and adjust your messaging accordingly. Those in attendance are early adopter techie’s not exactly representative of a mainstream consumer audience and your message may not resonate. We launched our Android app beta from the stage during the Startup Battlefield, creating a dramatic moment that aligned with Disrupt’s early adopter audience. The most compelling reason to launch at disrupt is when you have a clear call to action you can offer the audience.

So, before you take your walk in front of that Silicon Alley step and repeat, ensure you believe in your ability to succeed, make yourself memorable and keep Disrupt in the context of your greater business strategy. When done right, it will continue to pay dividends for many years to come. Even today, the personal relationships we established with investors and influencers at Disrupt continue to guide us at Glide.

Hands-On Language Learning: Glide in the classroom at The Ohio State University

Hands-On Language Learning: Glide in the classroom at The Ohio State University

By Chaim Haas, Glide’s Head of Communications

Back in high school, I had an English Literature teacher whose approach to grading our papers drove every student insane. Everyone in the class started with 100 points and the deductions started there. The closer your negative score was to zero, the better you did on the assignment. Despite this rather strange approach, I still consider Mr. Holzman to be one of my best teachers ever, as he ingrained in us the practices of critical thinking, review and memorization. To his credit, I still remember large passages of William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” that he had us memorize and recite back in class. Today, I often still cite them when discussing leadership with my professional colleagues.

This is Teacher Appreciation Week, which always reminds me of my three favorite high school teachers. Furthermore, it makes me think about the essential role teachers play in helping us all succeed in unexpected ways and see the world through a new lens.

That is exactly what three Senior Lecturers at The Ohio State University (OSU) are doing with students in their American Sign Language courses. They have empowered their students to extend learning well beyond the walls of the classroom. As a visual, gestural language, ASL is best learned, practiced and mastered through face-to-face communication and in small group settings. And as anyone who’s studied a second language can attest, mastery is all about practice, practice, practice.

Recognizing this, the professors have introduced video messaging as a key part of their students’ learning experience. Over the course of this school year, they’ve created “Sign Teams” to increase student-led conversations, interactions and accountability in and beyond the classroom. Students are also assigned “Sign Pals” outside of their section, encouraging them to communicate with people they may not know using ASL and adopting culturally appropriate practices. This ensures they’re not only learning the language, but also learning to appreciate Deaf culture.

Feedback from the students has been positive, and early indicators of success point to stronger performance among those using the app frequently — whether studying with classmates or asking their professor a question via video messaging. Demand for the classes, which satisfy the University’s requirement for three semesters of a foreign language, continues to grow — with 400 students enrolled and dozens more on a wait-list each semester.

In encouraging this kind of authentic use of the language, these Ohio State professors are helping their peers at other institutions re-imagine what’s possible in ASL education (and potentially other foreign languages as well). Their work was well received by the audience  at last year’s Ohio chapter meeting of the American Sign Language Teachers’ Association (ASLTA).. And they also shared their experiences from this academic year earlier this week at the 10th Annual Academy of Teaching Conference on Excellence in Teaching & Learning, “Making Teaching Matter at a Research University,” and will do so again at next week’s Innovate Conference — both taking place at Ohio State. They were also recently selected by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) to present at their 2016 Annual Convention and World Languages Expo in Boston this upcoming November.

Deaf users are such an important part of our community, and the work of these stand-out instructors is yet another great example of how video messaging is helping bridge both communications and understanding between the hearing and the signing communities.

Sketch & The Positive Feedback Loop of Love

Sketch & The Positive Feedback Loop of Love

By Noam Elbaz, UI Designer at Glide


Here at Glide, our main design tool is a simple app called Sketch. It was designed and built with UI design in mind; the features are few, but very effective. A new Sketch project looks like an infinite canvas. You start by making a new artboard. You can duplicate an artboard, move it around the canvas or change its dimensions.

And this is one of Sketch’s greatest features: artboards that you can duplicate and move on an infinite canvas means you can iterate as much as you need. An excellent summation of this comes from Julie Zhou, Product Design VP at Facebook, who wrote, “If you have literally tried every possible variation, you will have come across the best solution.” Sketch’s simple canvas and artboards approach to design enables designers to rapidly iterate until the best solution is discovered. Nothing gets thrown out or lost; there is no cost in duplicating a layer, so you can always come back and revisit a prior idea. You can observe your thought process from the first idea to the last, and you can compare and analyze all your different design solutions laid out in front of you.

When we begin a design sprint, we consider the design of the feature from many angles and we begin to mock up the ideas that sound closest to what we think will work, what will be best for our users and what will be easiest for our users to learn and understand. Sketch has enabled us to move fast and get to development quickly. Sketch is an essential tool for design teams at all types of startups.

Click here for the full article >>

Siblings, video messaging and never getting the best room

Siblings, video messaging and never getting the best room

By Coren Feldman, Product Manager


My sister is 7 years older than me. By the time I was old enough to have anything resembling an intelligent conversation with her, she was out of the house and off having adventures. She would stop by to hang out occasionally, even take me out for my birthday to watch movies, but our time at home didn’t overlap much. We got along great, but I just didn’t see her as much as I saw my other siblings, who left home at a more leisurely pace (my oldest brother moved out a week before me, finally vacating the best room in the house for which I had been waiting years to claim as my own, but never got the chance to live in. Thanks.).

Fast forward to April 2013. I’d been working at Glide for a few months and we had just released our first publicly available version. Naturally, I made everyone I know download it, including my sister.

At this point, she was living in Hawaii (because she’s just cool like that) and we weren’t in very close contact, despite the many possible means to do so (e.g. email, Facebook, etc.).

It’s five minutes past midnight and naturally I’m wide awake and on my computer. I get a notification: “Maya just joined Glide, say hello!” and immediately I pounce. It’s her birthday, coincidentally, so the first thing I do is congratulate her.

We have a few back-and-forth videos about Glide because she’s using it for the first time and then, because it’s gorgeous and sunny and Hawaii, she’s heading out to the beach in the car with her boyfriend and a friend. She turns the camera to them so they can tell me how much of a great time they’re having while I’m sitting in my room in my run-down Jerusalem apartment at midnight.

And suddenly we were talking. A lot. Several times a week. Comparing offices, meeting each other’s friends, giving tours of our apartments…

Had this been a text-based conversation, none of that would have happened. After updating each other on our lives, we would run out of things to talk about.

Having a video-centric messenger is so impactful to the interaction you have with the people you’re talking to. There’s a world of difference between reading the four letters that comprise the response “haha” and seeing your sister laugh at your dumb joke. It’s as though you aren’t thousands of miles apart.

I think there are two reasons Glide was able to get my sister and I to really talk for the first time in a while:

The first is speed. If we had needed to wait until a video was done recording before being able to watch it, the conversation would’ve taken a very long time and we would be constantly putting our phones down in between messages, making the whole thing take a backseat to watching YouTube videos or browsing Reddit.

However, since Glide sends messages live, my sister was watching my videos as I was recording them, so the second I finished, she could start responding immediately. In turn, I could watch her responses live as well. Of course, given the time difference (13 hours!), we were not always able to send each other messages while we were both online. But, like texting, if you’re not available when someone sends you a message, you can always watch and respond to it later.

The second reason is what we call “Inline Viewfinder” internally, which is the video preview waiting for you at the bottom of the chat. I would watch a video my sister sent and then the thread would scroll down automatically and reveal me looking at the screen and a big blue button just waiting to be pressed. People often get too lazy to be on camera so they just text instead, which is why, in most messengers, if you send a video, you’ll get a text response.

On Glide, it just feels effortless. You’re already there, you see yourself, and you know that with one tap the person on the other side of the conversation will see you too. Mashing your thumbs on the screen suddenly seems a lot less appealing.

At the risk of sounding hokey, I’m really grateful that I had a way to keep in touch with my sister while she was far away, to share experiences, to feel close to each other and, most importantly, that three years later, I can rewatch the whole thing again and again.

Express Yourself… and then Unsend it!

By Adam Korbl, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Glide


New Glide Features Help Users Be More Expressive and Exert More Control

The world has geeked out about emojis. But when it comes to really expressing myself, there is simply no replacement for the way video brings a personal, more human connection to a digital conversation.

Today, Glide is announcing Emoticlip messages for Android – fun, creative animated video clips that enhance the video messaging experience. Emoticlip messages offer new, interactive ways to convey emotions to your friends and family within the video messenger app. Glide soft-launched Emoticlip messages for iOS users earlier this year to a very positive response. We are now excited to expand this fun feature — which is way more expressive than static emojis — to our millions of Android users. Isn’t sending a short Emoticlip message of a dancing bunny shouting “YES!” or a cat rapper giving a “thumbs up” a better way to accept a dinner invite?

But we’re not done yet. Once that Emoticlip message has been sent, Glide also gives you a new way to delete it…

Everyone has experienced that moment, after hitting “send” on a personal message, when their heart immediately starts racing with regret. Today, Glide’s new Delete feature will put a lot of “oversharers” at ease. This new feature gives users complete control of their content. Thanks to the innovative technology underpinning Glide’s cloud-based platform, users will now be able to completely delete from everywhere any and all content they created (be it videos, photos, text, emojis and even Emoticlip messages) with just one tap — even if it’s already been shared to social media. Think of it as “unsending” a message. Security is core to the Glide community and this one-button Delete feature is available today across all supported mobile operating systems.

These new products, along with everything we do, are inspired by what people want from their messaging services – a platform that makes it easy to feel closer to friends and family regardless of time or place and reintroduces authentic human connection into our daily on-the-go conversations. Glide is building the future of video communication by taking cues from a time when real-life communication reigned supreme and “OMG, I am ROFL-ing so hard I need to BRB” wasn’t considered a comprehendible sentence.

“Dear Hearing People”

By Sarah Snow

Over the past 18 months, I have learned a lot about the Deaf community, its people and their culture. One thing in particular I’ve learned is that there are many misconceptions that hearing people have about those who are deaf. This is mainly due to the fact that the majority of hearing people never have the chance — like I did — to actually interact and engage with the Deaf community. Many hearing people may never even meet anyone who is deaf.

I have thought long and hard about how I could try to help change some of these misperceptions, as I don’t want deaf people to be seen as less than able. In spending time with them, I’ve come to view them as equals. Even though they may sometimes have a harder time doing all the things that you and I might, it’s not because they’re not able to do so. Instead, it’s because society around them doesn’t fully understand them and their unique needs.

To convey this message, I asked Glide’s deaf users to share with me some of the most common misunderstandings that hearing people have about those who are deaf. I hope this video, entitled “Dear Hearing People,” opens up many eyes and starts to break down some of the stigma around what it means to be deaf.

Please share this video and its important message with as many people as you can. I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

Oh, and when you do encounter someone that is deaf, just say “hello” and try to get to know them. I’m sure you’ll be just as touched by your interaction with them as I’ve been…

Gliding the wave of the future

Gliding the wave of the future

Communication has been around since the dawn of mankind, from hand signals to hieroglyphics, to text, radio, television and messaging apps. Communication is what makes our society. It can build relationships, friendships or even lead to war.

There are many forms of communication — verbal, physical (body language), graphic and even silent — through which we articulate our feelings, beliefs and wishes. In today’s world, the options for communication are endless and the level at which we choose to converse is highly versatile.

We can use email to send a lengthy work-related message to be stored and easily revisited. Or we can send a text when we need to get a quick message across and either can’t or don’t want to invest time in a full conversation. And we can make a phone call, which is usually reserved for our closer connections or more important matters.

With so many forms of communication to choose from, we have diminished our most valuable type of connection: face-to-face.

Why is face-to-face so important?

When it really matters and we care about our message, nothing can get our emotions across and convey our true feelings better than a face-to-face conversation.

People travel across the world to meet others in person they set aside special time to get together with friends and loved ones. But in today’s world, time is scarce and, thanks to the ease of travel, we are frequently far removed from loved ones and friends. We want to keep our most important connections strong, while maintaining the flexibility and immediacy that we’re used to with messaging.

App developers have taken note of this need and many communication apps now deliver face-to-face video communication. But they often require the need to schedule a time to talk.

That’s why Glide was founded – to combine this valuable form of face-to-face communication with the convenience and immediacy of asynchronous messaging. The messaging app provides the ease of texting with the richness and value of live video. This way, you never have to worry about where the recipient is or what they are doing when you want to send them a message.

We see the future as one where people can use video to convey their true feelings, make real connections and build memories together, while maintaining the quickness and flexibility of texting.

It’s a time and place where soldiers can see their spouses and children everyday from thousands of miles away, where distance strengthens relationships rather than breaks these bonds, and where working parents can reach out to their children and leave meaningful impressions throughout the day.

How do you see your future?


Why You Need Glide On Valentine’s Day

There’s a reason Valentine’s Day is also known as Singles Awareness Day. If you’re not in a relationship with someone, all the flowers, cards, chocolate boxes, and teddy bears can become annoying. Like a reminder screaming ‘heyyyy you’re single!!’

But what’s even more frustrating? Actually being in a relationship, but not being able to be with that person on Valentine’s Day. Long distance relationships are no bueno.

So here is why you need Glide, especially on Valentine’s Day…

If you’re in a long distance relationship: Glide is the only real-time video messaging app out there. As soon as you hit Record, the person you are sending a message to gets a notification and is able to watch the video you’re sending while you’re recording it. Here’s an adorable video about a long distance relationship and Glide.

So even if you’re away from the person you want to be with, you can keep up with them in real-time and feel like you’re right there with them, wherever they are. And, bonus, the moment gets saved. You can re-watch your videos with them whenever you want.

If you’re single: Have you heard of our ‘Discover People’ feature? Discover allows you to meet people in your area and connect with them directly, and instantly over Glide. It’s super simple.

Nervous about starting a conversation? You can review a new video before starting an interaction with someone. And if you send a message you regret (video or text) orrrr maybe you’re just not looking as cute in the video as you had wanted…you can delete it. Yes, you can delete messages you’ve already sent and they’ll disappear on both sides of the conversation. Isn’t that like the best thing to ever happen to messaging?

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day, however you’re celebrating February 14.

<3 Glide


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Why YouTube Creators Should Post Videos #WithCaptions

YouTube has over one billion unique users a month. Together they watch 6 billion hours of videos. That’s a serious amount of videos being watch and information being shared. But, unfortunately, this information is not accessible to everyone. Over 1 million people speak ASL (American Sign Language) and don’t hear what is being said in these videos.

So, what can we do about this? People who speak ASL are visual communicators – YouTube makes it easy to add closed captions to your videos. Add captions and join the movement.

Make your next YouTube video #WITHCAPTIONS – change the way YouTubers connect with their audience, and help make your favorite videos accessible to even more people.

<3 Glide

Happy Thanksgiving in ASL

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, eating good food, and spending time with loved ones. Today, we’re thankful for all of our users, and humbled to be able to help people stay in touch all over the world. No matter where you’re from, or what language you speak, Glide makes it easy to stay in touch on the most personal level, face-to-face.

So if you aren’t able to be around the ones you love today, stay in touch, and send them a message on Glide.

Happy Thanksgiving!

<3 Glide

How Glide Enables the Deaf Community to Communicate Visually

Glide was designed to connect all kinds of people, from different walks of life, all around the world. Our users speak many different languages – including sign language.

Out of the 300 million deaf or hard of hearing people around the world, some 70 million individuals (including children of deaf adults) use some form of sign language as their first language. There are 250 forms of these visual languages in use around the world, including American Sign Language (ASL), which is used by more than half a million people in the U.S. and Canada, British Sign Language, French Sign Language and Cued Speech (which employs hand signs representing sounds, used in conjunction with lip-reading). Clearly, Glide has the potential to help millions of people communicate.

We receive regular feedback from deaf users, who have told us that Glide is very popular among this community. Here are a few examples:

“My deaf students say: ‘It feels like this was specially made for us.”

“I love this app. It makes it much easier to keep in touch with my deaf sister. Thank you.”

“So awesome to be able to leave video messages for my Deaf friends. With voicemail not being an option for those who can’t hear, this is a fantastic option! Thanks so much!!!”

“Love Glide! I am deaf and use sign language to communicate with my friends so this app allows us to get our message across quickly! Awesome app!”

Many in the deaf community have also shared various reasons why Glide has become instrumental in enabling them to easily communicate with their friends, family, and loved ones when apart. First, a conversation in sign language can take place one-handed. Second, video of a signed conversation is a whole lot faster than texting (remember, writing is not a signer’s preferred medium AND sign language isn’t English). Finally, the asynchronous nature of Glide video messaging forces the receiver to wait for the speaker to finish signing, thereby eliminating the possibility of the receiver to “interrupt” the speaker by signing simultaneously – a behavior that is often interpreted as rude.

We’ve already been told there are (at least) 4 different ways to sign “Glide” in ASL. We invite you to check out Sarah Glide’s video above and let us know either here, on YouTubeTwitter or Facebook which “Glide” sign you prefer! Make sure to include #GlideSign in your comment. And if you use another sign for Glide, add Sarah on Glide and share it with her. She’d love to learn it!

Thanks for sharing how important a tool Glide has become in your lives.

In the Moment: Glide Verifies Ferguson Shooting Recording

As you may already have seen on CNNMSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” the local FOX affiliate in St. Louis and Riverfront Times, the Glide mobile app is being mentioned in the current news cycle surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, with a video message created using the app having surfaced as potentially critical evidence.

While tragedy is never good news, and our hearts go out to the family of Michael Brown, this incident underscores how technology is changing the landscape of not only journalism, but also criminology.

A Glide user living nearby (whose identity is being protected) was simply using the Glide app on their smartphone exactly as it was designed – to instantly communicate with a friend through our real-time video texting service. Simultaneously, they also captured audio in the background of the gunshots allegedly fired at Michael Brown.

Because Glide is the only messaging application using streaming video technology, each message is simultaneously recorded and transmitted, so the exact time can be verified to the second. In this case, the video in question was created at 12:02:14 PM CDT on Saturday, August 9th.

We commend this Glide user for turning their Glide video message over to FBI investigators as possible evidence in this ongoing investigation.


Check out Glide 2.0 for iPhone

We’re excited to share that we released an all-new version of the Glide video texting app for our iPhone users earlier today.

The most noticeable improvement you’ll find in Glide 2.0 for iPhone is the new simplified and sleek user interface, which will make the app even more delightful to use. Check out the new look in these screenshots:


We also added a number of highly demanded features into Glide 2.0 for iPhone, including:

• Tabbed navigation – Users will find three simple-to-navigate tabs: Friends, Recents, and More.

• Last Active – In the Friends tab, users can see when their friends were last active.

• Group naming – Users can add distinct names to personalize and better identify group chats.

• Video message sharing – Users can easily forward messages to other chats or share beyond Glide via email/SMS or social networks.

• User profiles – Users can create personal profile pages where others can add them as Friends or engage directly in 1-to-1 conversations.

Download Glide 2.0 for iPhone now at

We’re excited to hear what you think about the new design of the app and these new features. Please let us know what you think by emailing us at or posting your comments on our Facebook or Twitter pages. 

My Summer At Glide

About a week ago, I finished a month-long internship at Glide. I was very excited about the opportunity, because I use Glide daily to connect with my friends and family. In fact, I depend on it to sustain my relationships when I am away from my loved ones. As someone who was already passionate about the app, I knew that contributing to the company’s overall mission of delivering the best video messaging application to users would be a joy, rather than a challenge.


There is an old saying: ‘if you love what you do, then you will never have to work a day in your life.’ From my first week at the Glide office, I was able to witness first-hand how enthusiastic the team is about their achievements. In two years, the company has transformed the entire mobile landscape by providing users with a fast way to broadcast video messages to one another for ‘live or later’ viewing. The app has changed the way we communicate, giving us all a more meaningful way to stay connected. It is clear that the company thrives off of the work that they are doing. Entrepreneurial, free-flowing thought is encouraged throughout the office, thereby creating an environment that doesn’t feel like work. Instead, Glide employees are simply working on projects that they love.

What I loved most about my internship experience at Glide was getting a full rotational experience throughout many of the company’s different teams such as Community Engagement, Marketing, and Product. My involvement with Community Engagement ranged from creating new content for our social media accounts such as clever call-to-action copy and eye-catching graphics. After working on the social media strategy and publishing it to the public I worked on analyzing the statistics of each post. My biggest takeaway from working on Community Engagement was learning how much Glide’s users love the application and how engaged they are on social media.

Another aspect of my internship was working on Marketing, where I examined each of our target markets and came up with specific campaigns and offers that would appeal to each segment. One of my favorite parts of the internship was being chosen to speak at a technology conference. At the conference, I gave a presentation to an audience of 300 industry professionals, all of whom were potential new Glide users. I found it truly rewarding to represent Glide and to market the application in that forum. 


The last way in which I contributed to Glide during my internship was by working on Product. In this role, I helped design and develop new features for the application. My biggest takeaway from working with the Product team was seeing how every feature idea requires many different considerations – all with the goal of  delivering an optimal user experience.

After reflecting on the entire internship opportunity, I am forever grateful for this experience. Interning at Glide has helped shape my ability to create, innovate, and strategize in a fast-paced environment and I am confident that I will apply these skills to all aspects of my life. Glide is connecting people, and I simply love being a part of this movement. 

– Sam

Glide – Keep In Touch This Summer

    Who doesn’t love summer? All year round, the Glide team patiently waits for June, July, and August so that we can finally live in the moment and enjoy life’s simpler pleasures. When summer is finally here, there is a feeling of excitement in the air. At last we are able to take a break from our daily routines and embrace some adventure. Soaking up the sun, traveling to new places, enjoying BBQs and relaxing on the beach makes summer the ultimate time to live life in the moment. We know that everyone wants a fast and convenient way to stay connected this summer and that is why we are proud of our app and how it connects people on the go.


    Glide is a video texting app that allows you to send and receive videos with the option of watching them live or later. With Glide, you are even able to see when the other person is actually recording a message or watching the content you created. An advantage of Glide is the flexibility to chat intimately in a private video message or socially with many people in a group chat. In fact, group chats are a great way to keep your entire inner circle connected in one place. Glide is the best way to capture all of your special moments on the fly, with the opportunity to watch these videos live or later. When using Glide, there is no need to worry about memories fading because all of the videos that are sent and received are saved and stored to the cloud without using any internal memory on your device.

  This summer, the Glide Team is excited to reveal new updates that will make the app even more enjoyable for you so you can stay in touch with your friends and family in the most convenient way.

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– Glide Team