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Glide – Keep In Touch This Summer

    Who doesn’t love summer? All year round, the Glide team patiently waits for June, July, and August so that we can finally live in the moment and enjoy life’s simpler pleasures. When summer is finally here, there is a feeling of excitement in the air. At last we are able to take a break from our daily routines and embrace some adventure. Soaking up the sun, traveling to new places, enjoying BBQs and relaxing on the beach makes summer the ultimate time to live life in the moment. We know that everyone wants a fast and convenient way to stay connected this summer and that is why we are proud of our app and how it connects people on the go.


    Glide is a video texting app that allows you to send and receive videos with the option of watching them live or later. With Glide, you are even able to see when the other person is actually recording a message or watching the content you created. An advantage of Glide is the flexibility to chat intimately in a private video message or socially with many people in a group chat. In fact, group chats are a great way to keep your entire inner circle connected in one place. Glide is the best way to capture all of your special moments on the fly, with the opportunity to watch these videos live or later. When using Glide, there is no need to worry about memories fading because all of the videos that are sent and received are saved and stored to the cloud without using any internal memory on your device.

  This summer, the Glide Team is excited to reveal new updates that will make the app even more enjoyable for you so you can stay in touch with your friends and family in the most convenient way.

Find out more – www.glide.dev

– Glide Team