Sketch & The Positive Feedback Loop of Love

Sketch & The Positive Feedback Loop of Love

By Noam Elbaz, UI Designer at Glide


Here at Glide, our main design tool is a simple app called Sketch. It was designed and built with UI design in mind; the features are few, but very effective. A new Sketch project looks like an infinite canvas. You start by making a new artboard. You can duplicate an artboard, move it around the canvas or change its dimensions.

And this is one of Sketch’s greatest features: artboards that you can duplicate and move on an infinite canvas means you can iterate as much as you need. An excellent summation of this comes from Julie Zhou, Product Design VP at Facebook, who wrote, “If you have literally tried every possible variation, you will have come across the best solution.” Sketch’s simple canvas and artboards approach to design enables designers to rapidly iterate until the best solution is discovered. Nothing gets thrown out or lost; there is no cost in duplicating a layer, so you can always come back and revisit a prior idea. You can observe your thought process from the first idea to the last, and you can compare and analyze all your different design solutions laid out in front of you.

When we begin a design sprint, we consider the design of the feature from many angles and we begin to mock up the ideas that sound closest to what we think will work, what will be best for our users and what will be easiest for our users to learn and understand. Sketch has enabled us to move fast and get to development quickly. Sketch is an essential tool for design teams at all types of startups.

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