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Glide is full of exciting features that make for a great video messaging experience.  Take a look at our frequently asked questions to get more familiar with the app.

Note to iPad users:

To find the Recent, and Friends tabs, simply open the menu bar.

What if I find a bug?

We're really proud of our app, but it's not perfect (yet). If you find a bug with a video/photo you sent or received, report it by long pressing on the message and selecting the exclamation point . To report a problem with the application tap the gear icon at the top left of the Recent tab, scroll down and tap “report a problem”, and let us know what’s wrong. Use the “description” section at the bottom to add more detail to your report.

How do I give feedback or request a feature?

We work hard to constantly improve Glide. If you have an idea for how we can make Glide even better, tell us! Tap the gear icon  on the top left of the Recent tab , tap contact us, and let us know what you think.

"Glide basics"

Inviting friends

Inviting your friends is simple: Go to the Friends tab on the bottom right and tap Invite. The more friends you invite the more people you will have to chat with.

Starting a chat

You can start a chat from the Recent or Friends tab by selecting the person you want to chat with (whether they have Glide or not). Tap the record button and you’re live! Don’t have network connection? Record your message anyway and we’ll send it as soon as you reconnect.

Starting a group chat

To create a group on Glide, go to the Recent tab, select the group icon  in the top right corner of the page and choose the friends you want to add to the group.

Send a Photo

To share a picture on Glide, enter a chat with the person or group you want to share with, tap the photo icon MultimediaBarPicture on the bottom right, and select a picture from your gallery. You can also send an instant snapshot by tapping the camera button ViewfinderSnapshot right on the viewfinder!

Sending a text

To text a friend, enter a chat with the friend you want to text, tap the “T” icon at the bottom, and send your message. You can even send a text as you’re watching live and your friend will see it.

Forwarding a video

To forward a message, long press on the message and select Forward. Forwarding a message allows you to select Glide friends or groups to send your message to.

Sharing a video

To share a video tap the share icon share_icon on the bottom right part of the video. Sharing a message will make it available on a public web page. While this page can not be found by search engines, anyone with the link will be able to view your message.

Leaving a group chat

To leave a chat, swipe sideways on the thread you want to leave and select “leave”.

Deleting a message

To delete a message you have sent, find the message you would like to delete, long press on that message and press the trash can icon. By deleting a message, you delete it for everyone in the chat and on the web. Keep in mind that you can only delete messages that you have sent.


We are always working hard to add features based on our users feedback. Let us know what features you want to see next by contacting www.glide.dev.

What are Emoticlip™ messages?

Emoticlip™ messages are like emoji, but with video! Express yourself with different characters in fun clips. (Sometimes you just need a cartoon cat to get your point across.) In a thread, tap the "Plus" icon at the bottom right and then, "Select Emoticlip". Preview and send!

How do I discover people?

This feature is not yet available iOS.

How do I choose which types of notifications I want to receive?

You can customize your notifications by tapping the gear icon  and selecting Notifications.

How can I disable the microphone?

We understand your frustration with the requirement for Glide to access the microphone on your smartphone. Unfortunately, this is currently a technical limitation with our software. We are working on improving this and we thank you for your understanding.

How do I remove a user from a group chat?

We are working on getting this feature to market as soon as possible. In the meantime, we suggest creating a new group that excludes the users you want to remove.

How do I delete a group?

Groups can’t be completely deleted, but members can leave at any point. You can leave a group by going into the chat menu (the 3 dots at the top right) and selecting “Leave Group Chat.”


Why does Glide need contacts permissions and ask me to send my contacts to the Glide server?

We take your privacy seriously. Contact information sent to our secure server goes through one way encryption that even we can’t decipher! We ask for your contact list so that our server can scan for Glide users and automatically add them to your friends list.

Why do I need my microphone permissions on in order to record?

Due to technical limitations with our software you can’t mute your microphone. We are working on changing this soon.

"Top questions"

How do I block someone?

You can block a user from the Friends or Recent tabs by swiping left on their thread. Tap More then select “Block.” You can also tap on your friend's avatar and block them from there. Blocking a user means they will no longer be able to send you messages or see when you're online. Please note that group chats you are both in will continue to work as normal and blocking will not delete any messages you have already sent this person.

How do I unblock someone?

To unblock a user, tap the gear icon . Once in Settings, select “Blocked Users” and tap on the users you want to unblock.

How do I add friends?

Adding friends on Glide is easy! Navigate to the friends tab (bottom right), and then tap the add friends button. You can also tap the gear icon  , tap “Add Friends” and enter your friend’s phone number or Glide ID. Did you know? You can send a message to anyone on your Friends tab by tapping on their name.

How do I review a message before it’s sent?

You can review and revise your message before sending it by using the ‘new message’ feature. Tap the video camera button (bottom middle) to start recording .

How do I delete a friend?

To unfriend someone, go to the Friends tab and swipe left on the friend you want to delete. Deleting a friend does not mean they can't send you a message. To stop someone from sending you a message, you will need to block them first.

Why is my friends list showing everyone in my address book?

You can send Glide messages to any of the people in your friends list even if they don’t have Glide. Simply tap on a friend and record your message.

I got a message from someone I don’t know. How did they find me?

There are a few ways for someone to find and message you on Glide:
  1. Your phone number - When a user has your phone number in their address book you are added to their friends list.
  2. Your Glide ID - Anyone who has your Glide ID can add you as a friend and send you messages.
  3. Facebook Friends - When a user connects to Facebook through Glide their Facebook friends are added to their friends list. If you received a message from someone you don’t recognize check to see if you are friends on Facebook.
  4. Twitter - If you have shared your Glide ID publicly through Twitter you can be found by other Twitter users.
Don’t worry, when you receive a message from someone who is not in your contacts list or one of your Facebook friends, you’ll be given the option to reject the message. If you don’t want to talk to the person, hit the x and they won’t be able to contact you again. If you want to talk to them, hit the check mark and start chatting!

How do I stop getting text messages associated with Glide?

The message you received is an invitation from one of your friends that was sent out per their request from their phone’s address book. If you no longer wish to receive SMS invites to Glide from your friends, please text the word “STOP” to +1-763-265-6052. By doing this you will no longer receive SMS invites from Glide users.

"More Questions"

How do I turn off the notification sound?

You can choose to disable both the notification sound and vibrations on Glide. Do this by tapping the gear icon  , select Notifications and toggle off “Sounds” and/or “Vibrate”.  Don’t worry, all of your notifications will still be delivered when the sound is off.

What is a chat request?

Introducing chat requests! When someone who is not in your phone's address book sends you a message, you will have the option of accepting or denying the chat. Messages from these users will appear at the top of your chats list as “chat requests”. If you deny a request the user will no longer be able to contact you.

How do report inappropriate material?

You can report a video that you received by long pressing on the video and selecting the report icon report_icon Please describe offensive videos as “Inappropriate content” so we can recognize them You can also block users you don’t want to receive messages from anymore

What is the down arrow in my chats?

Chats open to the oldest new message you have received. Tap the arrow icon to quickly navigate to the newest message in your chat.

How come some of the videos I receive are smaller than others?

Videos that were recorded in landscape mode on iPads have a smaller frame than videos that were recorded vertically. Don’t worry, the video isn’t cut off and you're not missing anything.

I can’t find my friends, how does this work?

We populate your friends list with your phone contacts that are using Glide. If you don’t see any friends on your list, try connecting your Glide account with Facebook. This will add your Facebook friends that are using Glide. Alternatively, you may not have address book permissions enabled. In that case go to Settings > Privacy > Contacts and enable Glide.

Why are there people I don’t know in my friends list?

Either your friend changed their name and profile picture to something that you don’t recognise, or this might be a Facebook friend that is using Glide (if you connected to Facebook).

How can I enable the microphone?

To enable your microphone, go into your phone's privacy settings and select microphone. Toggle Glide “ON” and you should be ready to record. Please let us know if you are still having trouble finding the microphone settings after this.

How do I disconnect from Facebook?

You can unlink your Facebook by tapping the gear icon .Tap the ‘Connected’ button and you're done! By the way, disconnecting from Facebook will not remove the contacts that were previously synced through Facebook.

Why did my message take hours to send?

If you created a message while offline, it won’t send until you reconnect. Once you’re online again, it will send automatically. Your message will have a “Sending” timestamp until you are able to reconnect.

How can I tell if my friend is online?

The status of your Glide friends is shown on the friends list as active, idle, or offline. A friend who is online will also have a green circle around their profile picture.

What are the green/blue/yellow icons?

How do I put a lock on Glide?

Enable a passcode on your account to make sure you’re the only one who can access it. To create a  passcode tap the gear icon , scroll down and tap “passcode lock”, then toggle it on.

Does the sender get notified every time I watch a video?

The “watching” notification is sent the first time you watch the most recent video sent and only if you did not watch it live.

How do I clear chat history?

Clearing your chat history will remove all of the videos in a thread for you only. You will not be able to go back and delete the videos on the recipients end once you have cleared the history. To clear all of the videos in a thread swipe left on it, select More, and then “Clear Chat History”.

Can I retrieve videos once they are deleted?

Once you choose to delete a video, whether you cleared the history or manually deleted it, it cannot be recovered.

Can I send an Emoji?

Of course you can send emojis! If you send a text message with an emoji only, that emoji will get super sized!

How come my videos are choppy/freezing?

If your videos come through choppy it’s most likely due to a bad network connection. To fix this go to settings , scroll to the bottom of the page, and toggle off “Optimize video frame rate”.

Want to know a secret Glide Feature?

Activate a Disco filter by sending a text message with the word Disco to a friend. Enjoy!

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