Glide Brings Video Messaging to Android Wear

‘Tap and Talk’ Messaging from Smartwatches Poised to Redefine Digital Communication

PALO ALTO, Calif., February 4, 2016 – Glide, the lightning-fast video messaging app, is coming to Android WearTM today, finally making high-speed wrist communication a reality. Glide’s new app (click here to see demo) offers live video, voice and photo messaging on the wrist, and is among the first to harness Android Wear’s new speaker support, which Google announced today.

“For decades, television shows and movies like The Jetsons, Dick Tracy, James Bond and Inspector Gadget have promised the arrival of real-time video communication from the wrist,” said Glide CEO Ari Roisman. “Today, Glide is making science fiction a reality by delivering live video messaging to Android Wear.”

Glide users wearing the Huawei Watch or the 49mm ASUS ZenWatch 2 – both of which have built-in speakers – can view and listen to video messages directly on their wrists (Android Wear watches without speakers direct audio to the phone). All Glide users with Android Wear can now watch videos live or later, and send dictated text, emojis, or live voice messages directly from their watches.

Glide’s secret sauce is a unique, cloud-based technology that powers lightning-fast photo and video messaging. Within one second of beginning to record a video, the recipient can already watch the message live. Photos and videos are stored for free on Glide’s secure private cloud, so they can be experienced anytime.

Since first debuting in Spring 2013, Glide has dramatically improved how millions of users worldwide communicate face-to-face with their loved ones – regardless of time or place. By allowing people to easily message visually, Glide has strengthened relationships across the globe by adding a human connection to daily digital exchanges.

Learn more about Glide for Android Wear by clicking here and download the app for free from the Play Store.

About Glide

Glide is a free, highly-rated messaging app for iOS and Android used by millions of people across the world. Glide leverages the power and spontaneity of in-the-moment video to capture the essence of authentic communication and add depth, humor and heart to relationships that matter. Because Glide is asynchronous in nature, it collapses time and distance, enabling ongoing conversations to continue with ease.

Glide has raised $30 million in financing and is a free app for Android, Android Wear, iOS, and Apple Watch. Glide has seen tens of millions of downloads and billions of messages sent since its debut in Spring 2013. For more information, visit

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