New Glide Version for Android Wear 2.0

New Glide Version for Android Wear 2.0

Greetings, Gliders!

Today, Google announced their release of a brand new OS for Android watches – Wear 2.0. Congrats, Android Wear!

We are proud to launch a new version of Glide for Wear to support the new OS. This update makes Glide on Android Wear a better, faster and smoother experience. With the complications introduced, you can now get live video messages directly to your watch face. This means that you can tap and talk directly from your homescreen, without having to launch the Glide app beforehand. This brings unparalleled speed and immediacy to wrist-based messaging, allowing the conversation to start, pause, and continue in a more natural way.

We hope you enjoy the new version and, as always, invite you to join our Glide for Android Beta Program to be able to review early mobile versions, give your feedback, and help make Glide even better.

Glide on!