Introducing Google Firebase App Indexing on Glide

Introducing Google Firebase App Indexing on Glide

The Google app for Android enables users to search their phone for content. Searching for a contact, for example, will provide you with their contact information, Gmail correspondence, calendar events etc. With the updated Android API for Firebase App Indexing, users of integrated apps will be able to search for information within their favorite apps.

Glide has collaborated with Google to be one of the first to offer this new exciting feature.

With Glide integration with the new In Apps mode in the Google app, which debuted recently and announced on Google’s blog, Glide users can now search their phone and find Glide contacts and conversations, seamlessly.

In the examples below, you see “Summer vacation” searched on Google. Glide conversations containing these keywords are presented. When the contact “Rachel Smith” is searched, Google presents Glide chats with this person.



Update your Google app and your Glide version to take advantage of this convenient homescreen access to Glide contacts and conversations without having to open the app first.

Happy Gliding!