Gliding the wave of the future

Gliding the wave of the future

Communication has been around since the dawn of mankind, from hand signals to hieroglyphics, to text, radio, television and messaging apps. Communication is what makes our society. It can build relationships, friendships or even lead to war.

There are many forms of communication — verbal, physical (body language), graphic and even silent — through which we articulate our feelings, beliefs and wishes. In today’s world, the options for communication are endless and the level at which we choose to converse is highly versatile.

We can use email to send a lengthy work-related message to be stored and easily revisited. Or we can send a text when we need to get a quick message across and either can’t or don’t want to invest time in a full conversation. And we can make a phone call, which is usually reserved for our closer connections or more important matters.

With so many forms of communication to choose from, we have diminished our most valuable type of connection: face-to-face.

Why is face-to-face so important?

When it really matters and we care about our message, nothing can get our emotions across and convey our true feelings better than a face-to-face conversation.

People travel across the world to meet others in person they set aside special time to get together with friends and loved ones. But in today’s world, time is scarce and, thanks to the ease of travel, we are frequently far removed from loved ones and friends. We want to keep our most important connections strong, while maintaining the flexibility and immediacy that we’re used to with messaging.

App developers have taken note of this need and many communication apps now deliver face-to-face video communication. But they often require the need to schedule a time to talk.

That’s why Glide was founded – to combine this valuable form of face-to-face communication with the convenience and immediacy of asynchronous messaging. The messaging app provides the ease of texting with the richness and value of live video. This way, you never have to worry about where the recipient is or what they are doing when you want to send them a message.

We see the future as one where people can use video to convey their true feelings, make real connections and build memories together, while maintaining the quickness and flexibility of texting.

It’s a time and place where soldiers can see their spouses and children everyday from thousands of miles away, where distance strengthens relationships rather than breaks these bonds, and where working parents can reach out to their children and leave meaningful impressions throughout the day.

How do you see your future?