What is Glide?

Glide is a video messenger that allows you to send and receive video messages that can be seen live (as you’re recording) or later (like a text message).

Why video text and not video chat?

There are already loads of great video chat apps out there. We’re not trying to replace them, we are giving people a more convenient way to keep in touch through video that doesn’t need scheduling. Traditional video chat requires you and your friends to be online at the same time, which isn’t always possible. The great thing about Glide is that you can send or watch a message whenever you want, regardless of whether your friends are online.

Why not send videos with a messaging app?

You could, but that would take ages. Messaging apps require you to record, preview / edit, and then upload – whereas Glide is already sending your video message the moment you start recording.

Who can see my videos?

Glide is a private messaging service. Only friends in the chat you send a message to will see it. You and your friends can also share messages from Glide to social networks and friends outside the app. We take your privacy seriously and only use your information to improve your Glide experience. Feel free to read our privacy policy.

Does Glide cost money?

Sending messages to Glide users anywhere in the world is 100% free.

Where can I follow updates on Glide?

Glide-related news, including app updates, new features and platform support can be found on Facebook and Twitter.