• About

    What is Glide?

    Glide is a video messenger that allows you to send and receive video messages that can be seen live (as you’re recording) or later (like a text message).

    Why video text and not video chat?

    There are already loads of great video chat apps out there. We’re not trying to replace them, we are giving people a more convenient way to keep in touch through video that doesn’t need scheduling. Traditional video chat requires you and your friends to be online at the same time, which isn’t always possible. The great thing about Glide is that you can send or watch a message whenever you want, regardless of whether your friends are online.

    Why not send videos with a messaging app?

    You could, but that would take ages. Messaging apps require you to record, preview / edit, and then upload – whereas Glide is already sending your video message the moment you start recording.

    Who can see my videos?

    Glide is a private messaging service. Only friends in the chat you send a message to will see it. You and your friends can also share messages from Glide to social networks and friends outside the app. We take your privacy seriously and only use your information to improve your Glide experience. Feel free to read our privacy policy.

    Does Glide cost money?

    Sending messages to Glide users anywhere in the world is 100% free.

    Where can I follow updates on Glide?

    Glide-related news, including app updates, new features and platform support can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Installing Glide

    Can I use Glide on my phone?

    Glide is available on iPhones and iPods with iOS 7+,  Android versions 2.3+, and Windows Phone versions 8.1 & 10.

    Where do I find Glide?

    Check us out on the Apple App Store , Google Play, and the Windows Store

    Why do I have to sign up with my phone number?

    We use your contact list to connect you with friends – and the easiest way for friends to find you is your phone number.

    Why do I have to upload a picture?

    When you’re in a chat your icon appears at the top so friends can recognise you easily. If you’re uncomfortable displaying a picture of yourself you can upload any picture from your camera roll or take a picture of your foot.

  • Technical stuff

    How does Glide work?

    Unfortunately, we can’t tell you how we do it. We can, however, make something up.

    Every video message you send is carried around the world on the backs of tiny teleporting green elephant ninjas who gain their powers from drinking exactly half their weight in lychee-flavored soda. We found them unemployed in an alley in New York.

    Do the videos take up space on my phone?

    All Glide videos are saved in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about storage.

    What connection do I need to use Glide?

    You can use Glide on 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi.

    What is a Glide ID?

    Your Glide ID is like your username. You can find it under your information on the menu. (Android – Swipe to the right, iOS – More tab) You can add friends by their Glide ID by pressing “Add Friends” and they can add you the same way with your Glide ID.

    What are Emoticlip™ messages?

    Emoticlip™ messages are like emoji, but with video! Express yourself with different characters in fun clips. (Sometimes you just need a cartoon cat to get your point across.)

    iOS: In a thread, tap the “Plus” icon at the bottom right and then, “Select Emoticlip”. Preview and send!

    Android: Coming soon!

  • Troubleshooting

    What if I find a bug?

    We’re really proud of our app, but it’s not perfect (yet). Let us know if you see a bug and we’ll squash it for you. Metaphorically.

    To send us a bug report:
    iOS: Press the More tab, then Contact Us → Bugs/Problems
    Android: Open the menu by swiping to the right on the main page in the app and pressing “Report a Bug”

    If you encounter a bug with a video you sent or received, long press it (Android) or slide it up (iOS) and press Report.

    When I press “Connect to Facebook” it says “Please confirm the connection to Facebook to use glide”

    Go to Settings → Privacy → Facebook and turn permissions on for Glide.

    If you don’t see Glide there, check on Facebook settings that you have 3rd party apps enabled.

    I didn’t get a confirmation text on my phone

    You can get it re-sent by pressing “Text me” or “Call me”

    I can’t find my friends

    Make sure they’re in your address book or that your Facebook friends with them and you’re connected to Facebook:
    iOS: Press the “More” tab, then tap the gear icon on the top right. Now press “Connect to Facebook”.
    Android: Swipe to the left on the chat list and press the gear icon next to your name. Now press “Get your info from Facebook”.

    Why are there people I don’t know in my chat list?

    Either they changed their name and picture to something you don’t recognise, or you’re in their address book and they’re not in yours.

    How do I block a user?

    iOS: On the chat list or your friends list, swipe to the left on that friend, then press More, then Block.
    Android: In the chat with that friend, tap the chat menu icon (3 dots on the top right) and select “Block”

    How do I unblock a user?

    iOS: Go to More – Settings – Blocked Users. Then tap on a user and select “Unblock”.
    Android: Send a message to a blocked friend to unblock them.

    How can I change my name/ picture?

    iOS: Press the “More” tab, then tap the gear icon on the top right.
    Android: Swipe to the left on the chat list and press the gear icon next to your name.

    How do I know if someone’s seen my video?

    When someone watches your video (except in a group chat) you will get a notification. (Or if you’re in the app, you can see them watching in real time)

    How do I log out?

    (iOS only): More tab → Gear icon on top right → Logout

    Why am I getting texts from Glide?

    The message you received is an invitation from one of your friends that was sent out per their request from their phone’s address book.

    If you no longer wish to receive SMS invites to Glide from your friends, please text the word “STOP” to +1-763-225-2875. By doing this you will no longer receive SMS invites from Glide users.

    My question isn’t listed here.

    No problem! Please fill out our support form and we’ll get right back to you.

For all press inquiries, please email: press@glide.me