Express Yourself… and then Unsend it!

By Adam Korbl, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Glide


New Glide Features Help Users Be More Expressive and Exert More Control

The world has geeked out about emojis. But when it comes to really expressing myself, there is simply no replacement for the way video brings a personal, more human connection to a digital conversation.

Today, Glide is announcing Emoticlip messages for Android – fun, creative animated video clips that enhance the video messaging experience. Emoticlip messages offer new, interactive ways to convey emotions to your friends and family within the video messenger app. Glide soft-launched Emoticlip messages for iOS users earlier this year to a very positive response. We are now excited to expand this fun feature — which is way more expressive than static emojis — to our millions of Android users. Isn’t sending a short Emoticlip message of a dancing bunny shouting “YES!” or a cat rapper giving a “thumbs up” a better way to accept a dinner invite?

But we’re not done yet. Once that Emoticlip message has been sent, Glide also gives you a new way to delete it…

Everyone has experienced that moment, after hitting “send” on a personal message, when their heart immediately starts racing with regret. Today, Glide’s new Delete feature will put a lot of “oversharers” at ease. This new feature gives users complete control of their content. Thanks to the innovative technology underpinning Glide’s cloud-based platform, users will now be able to completely delete from everywhere any and all content they created (be it videos, photos, text, emojis and even Emoticlip messages) with just one tap — even if it’s already been shared to social media. Think of it as “unsending” a message. Security is core to the Glide community and this one-button Delete feature is available today across all supported mobile operating systems.

These new products, along with everything we do, are inspired by what people want from their messaging services – a platform that makes it easy to feel closer to friends and family regardless of time or place and reintroduces authentic human connection into our daily on-the-go conversations. Glide is building the future of video communication by taking cues from a time when real-life communication reigned supreme and “OMG, I am ROFL-ing so hard I need to BRB” wasn’t considered a comprehendible sentence.