About Us

What is Glide?

Glide is a unique communication platform that launched in Spring 2013 with the goal of making authentic communication incredibly accessible. Used by millions of people around the world, Glide’s messaging app leverages the power and spontaneity of in-the-moment video to capture the essence of human communication. The resulting back-and-forth conversations add depth, humor and heart to relationships that matter. Because Glide is asynchronous in nature, it collapses time and distance, enabling ongoing conversations to continue with ease.

Glide’s secret sauce is an innovative, cloud-based technology that powers lightning-fast photo and video messaging. Within one second of beginning to record a video, the recipient can already watch the message live. Photos and videos are stored for free on Glide’s secure private cloud, so they can be experienced anytime and don’t take up any space on users’ devices.

Since its debut, Glide has attracted millions of users who have sent billions of videos through its free apps for iOS, Android, Android Wear, Apple Watch and Windows Phone. It has dramatically improved how millions of users worldwide communicate face-to-face with their loved ones – regardless of time or place. By allowing people to easily message visually, Glide has strengthened relationships across the globe by adding a human connection to daily digital exchanges.

Who Uses Glide?

We regularly get touching stories from husbands and wives who chat while apart and families or close friends who use group chat to stay in touch. We also enable grandparents to keep up with their grandchildren, those in long distance relationships to further build their love, and deployed soldiers to communicate with their families back home. Plus, since Glide offers a visual medium for messaging, it’s become a hit with the deaf and hard of hearing community around the world.